About This Course

The Resilient Mind is an online course designed to empower YOU to cultivate resilience in both your personal life and business endeavors. This comprehensive course covers a range of topics, including acceptance, having vision, gratitude, and more. Through a combination of engaging lectures, and practical applications, YOU will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to develop a resilient mindset.

Join Nick for 10 Sessions of Life-Changing Insights and Counsel that Will Give You a Resilient Mind.

  • 10 Engaging Lessons

    High-end, professional production provides students an enjoyable learning experience with the Nick V.

  • 4 Hours of Content

    Focused sessions that enable students to digest the content and efficiently move through the material.

  • World-Class Instructor

    Nick is one of the world's most sought after motivational speakers and authors of our time. Step into an experience unlike any other.

Discover Who You Are With a Resilient Mind!

Course curriculum

    1. Let's Dive in Together

    2. Introduction and Welcome

    1. Ready to Transform Your Life? Learn the Art of Acceptance Today!

    2. Acceptance

    1. Growing in Your Faith & Spirituality to Attain a Resilient Mind

    2. Faith & Spirituality

    1. How to Reframe Your Obstacles in Life

    2. Reframing Obstacles

    1. Defining This Could Change it ALL for You

    2. Defining Success

About this course

  • $80.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

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